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Dry and sensitive skin? Innocent will rescue!

Dry and sensitive skin? Innocent will rescue!

Dry and sensitive skin? Innocent to the rescue

Luonkos’ gentle body oil cakes nurture and nourish your skin, making it wonderfully soft and elastic. Our skin treats are made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

From our body oil cakes, choose Innocent for a dry and sensitive skin, as it contains no added fragrances. Innocent is the favourite of many of our customers suffering from eczema. Innocent’s cacao butter is nature’s own super moisturiser, and it’s been used in skincare for centuries. This solid, yellowish butter, extracted from the beans of the cacao tree, contains antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins including vitamin E, all of which nurture the skin. The cacao butter softens, nourishes, and balances theskin.

Jojoba wax is an vegan alternative for beeswax. It protects the skin from external stress and helps keep the moisture on the skin. Apricot seed oil is fast to absorb and protects the skin, as it has both softening and nourishing properties. This treat contains good fattyacids and the vitamins A, C, and E.

Oat oil comes from Finnish oat. It has a huge amount of antioxidants, fatty acids that are necessary for the skin, phospholipids that support the skin’s structure, and vitamin E (tocopherols). It’s an ingredient that softens the skin effectively, and it supports the cells’ natural activities. Thanks to its natural fatty acid composition and its antioxidants, oat oil moisturises and soothes the skin. It can also help prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Finnish barley starch makes the product easy to spread and leaves the skin soft as velvet. The starch guarantees a matte finish on the skin!

Innocent body cake also for those sensitive to scents

Innocent body oil cake is exceptionally wellsuited for children, babies, and those sensitive to scents. Regular use of bodycake can reduce and prevent stretch marks, and relieve any dryness-related itching. Rub the body cake between your warm hands, or directly on your skin.The skin’s warmth softens the cake, and the oils nurture your skin. For the best result, pat your skin dry after a shower and apply the cake then. This way it’s easiest to apply, and your skin will absorb the maximum amount of moisture. You don’t need to use a lot: one cake lasts for a really long time. Let the oil absorb to the skin for a minute before getting dressed or jumping to bed.