Powerful Natural Powder Deodorant - Scent-Free, Forest Microbes
Powerful Natural Powder Deodorant - Scent-Free, Forest Microbes
Powerful Natural Powder Deodorant - Scent-Free, Forest Microbes

Powerful Natural Powder Deodorant - Scent-Free, Forest Microbes

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Prevents sweat odor in the armpits, legs, and body. Contains forest microbes. No aluminum or baking soda. Fragrance-free


DELIVERY 2-5 days to Nordic countries, 3-5 days to Central Europe

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Natural Beauty Awards Nominee 2021
FI Natura - Certified Natural Cosmetics

Powerful helps you stay fresh without irritating your skin - and without aluminium and sodium. The fragrance-free powder deodorant is suitable for sensitive and normal skin and for children. It prevents body odour and balances the bacteria in the underarm area. The multi-purpose powder deodorant can be used like baby powder and applied to feet and the area between breasts. The innovative deodorant contains Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbe extract, developed in Finland, that’s proven to strengthen both the skin's own microbiota and your connection to nature - like taking a stroll in the forest indoors!

Rest assured, all of our skincare products are designed for both men and women!

Powerful is 100 % natural and contains also oat, kaolin clay, barley starch, zinc lactate, and magnesium. Oat’s amino acids soothe the skin. Clay absorbs moisture. Barley starch makes the product easy to apply. Zinc lactate and magnesium prevent the smelly bacteria from forming. Deodorant contains no oil, meaning no oil stains on your clothes!

How to use: Use the powder like baby powder and sprinkle directly on to your skin.

  • 100% natural
  • Plastic free
  • preservative free
  • unscented
  • forest microbe extract
  • vegan

The deodorant lasts for up to 3-5 months / 50 g.


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Leena Hakala

Powerful powder todorant, scented

Merja Ollitervo

Dödö you can really trust. Holds at least 24h. No itching or irritation

Tiina Kervinen
PowerFull of powder -free fragrance

Suitable for my fragrance (I think a small fresh scent) for me well. The scent does not argue with the skin's own scent as in the perfumed version.
Probably individual because of the skin's own pH, how the scent lives as the skin warms up.
Yes, the product must be added in advance during the day to keep the smell of sweat (at least mine).
Product Development Note: It would be great to get a small re -filled scatter to the product so you can keep a small amount of powder with you every day. 😃

Suvituulia Valta

A good product but dosing is difficult without the powder dropping everywhere or is left in the hands.

Päivi Ansamaa
Caused redness

The product of a great annoyance was not suitable for itself, the armpit began to itchy what had never come before.