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Skin care for eczema

Skin care for eczema

Eczema - how to care for

Eczema is a chronic, itchy inflammation of the skin. Eczema (atopic eczema, flexural eczema) is among the most common skin diseases. Approximately 25 to 30 percent of adults has suffered from eczema, and studies show it’s partially genetic. It’s the most common skin disease in Finland, and one that typically starts in childhood.

Eczema is a condition where the skin has a lower rate of ceramides, lipid molecules that prevent water evaporating from skin, among other things. On skin with eczema the epidermal barrier does not work like it should. Due to dryness, the skin develops an inflammatory reaction that can then develop into a long-term, itchy rash. Children can scratch the itchy skin until it bleeds. For children, the affected areas are typically cheeks and the insides of knees and elbows, and for adults, head, upper body, hands, and the insides of knees and elbows. In addition to dryness, eczema can cause scaly, red and splotchy skin with lesions.

Skin with eczema is thinner than normal skin, allowing moisture to evaporate and causing the skin to dry easily. When the disease is in its acute phase, it’s treated locally by applying corticosteroids. Cortisone can only be used short-term, as its long-term use can make the skin even thinner. If the skin becomes inflamed or the eczema worsens rapidly, seek medical attention.


Products especially for skin with eczema - Luonkos body cakes and forest microbe balm

Our Vitality body oil cake has helped many children with eczema. It contains nourishing and moisturising ingredients, for example jojoba wax, that leaves a protective layer on the skin. This layer stops the moisture from escaping the skin. The products are pleasant to use: you roll the cake between your hands, melting the oil with the warmth of your own hands. The oil is applied on towel-dry skin. There is no “cold effect” that children hate, and the product does not smart on skin. This makes the skincare routine a pleasant experience.

Primal forest microbe balm is designed to be used on the affected areas, like children’s insides of knees and elbows, or other damaged,dry skin patches. The rich balm comes in a recyclable case that is easy to carry along. We’ve seen the balm help with HFMD blisters as well, relieving pain and accelerating the healing process!

Vitality and Primal contain Re-Connecting Nature® forest microbe extract that helps restore the skin’s natural microbe balance. Daily use is proven to stimulate the skin’s microbiota and maintain its healthy functions. The use of forest microbe products guarantees a more natural balance on your skin’s microbiota, actively improving the skin's integrity, protective functions, and renewal.

Read more about the study conducted at the University of Helsinki here.

How to cleanse your face without drying off the skin?

“A few years ago my stress levels sky-rocketed and I experienced big losses in my life. My skin started to act up again, and I tried dozens of products.Nothing helped, and I was getting desperate.”

“Infinity forest microbe product saved my skin that winter, and now I never go anywhere without it. It's my kid’s favourite also, and why wouldn’t it be? It contains nothing but the best ingredients from nature.”

“I was fighting with my atopic skin for years. I used all sorts of products, but saw no real results. The products were really expensive, and took a huge slice of my small pay check. Then I went to an event and found Luonkos’ Radiant sea-buckthorn cake. I couldn’t be more grateful. Now that’s all I need for skin cleansing and skincare: Radiant saved my routines and gave a new start for my skin. Now no one even notices I’ve had any skin issues. I finally have a normal, beautiful skin.”

“We get grateful customer feedback almost daily. Luonkos oil cleansing cakes have helped many atopic skins to feel better”, tells CEO Piritta Fors.

Oil cleansing is an easy, gentle, and efficient way to cleanse and care for your skin, and its effects are unmatched. The cakes do not over-cleanse or dry the skin with too strong ingredients. The skin should not feel tight and dry after cleansing.

For cleansing skin with eczema, we have two Luonkos oil cleansing cakes: Infinity and Radiant. Infinity contains Finnish forest microbe extract, and it's full of natural oils that are rich in antioxidants,both strengthening and reviving the skin. Radiant contains sea-buckthorn, and it’s a good choice for dry and sensitive skin as well.

Luonkos oil cleansing cakes nourish and moisture the skin with 100 % natural oils, and maintain the skin's own pH value (meaning you don’t need a toner!). Oil cleansing leaves a protective lipid layer on the skin. After cleansing, the skin feels wonderfully soft and elastic - you don’t necessarily need to use face cream at all.