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Summer Essentials: Glowing is only natural.

Summer Essentials: Glowing is only natural.

What are the summer natural essentials that make sure the sun helps us instead of drains us? As summer approaches, we naturally want to bask in the sun, enjoy outdoor activities, and soak up the season's vibrant energy. This desire to glow isn't just a "want"—it should be our body's natural response to more sunlight and outdoor exposure. Embodying a radiant summer glow is essential for looking, and most importantly, feeling healthy and refreshed. The key is using the right cosmetics to unleash our natural wellbeing. High-quality, natural products nourish and protect your skin, helping you achieve a luminous, effortless beauty. 

Natural cosmetics that make you glow and keep you fresh in summer

Natural, eco-friendly skincare products that promote both beauty and well-being are the true summer essentials. Luonkos’ philosophy is rooted in the belief that nature provides the best ingredients for skincare, and strives to harness these benefits in our formulations.

Only the finest natural ingredients in the products and the formulations are designed to work in harmony with your skin’s natural processes. This not only enhances your skin’s appearance but also supports its health and resilience. 

That’s why Luonkos has created the Glow series, which has products that are specifically designed for mature skin and for anyone looking to add more radiance and brightness to their skin, meaning they are perfect for summer time.

The Glow series products are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which help prevent signs of aging and accelerate skin renewal. The nourishing ingredients support the skin's vital moisture balance - no more tight and dry feeling!

Natural Solid Body Oils

Celebrate gives sparkle and moisture for your skin. Soothes the skin after sunbathing. Normal skin. Also for children.

How does natural body oiling work?

Body oils are used for moisturizing and nurturing the skin. Luonkos’ solid versions of body oils, cakes, contain plenty of important antioxidants, superfoods, vitamins, and fatty acids. Luonkos’ body oil cakes are all hand-made, vegan and have a neutral PH. The cakes contain no water, preservatives, or micro-plastic, perfect for a radiant natural summer. 

The Glow series has two body oil cakes, Delicious Heavenly Body Oil cake and Celebrate Sparkling Body Oil cake.

The body oil cakes are easy to use, here’s how!

The cakes are always used with clean, dry hands.

  1. Rub the cake between your warm hands until oil starts to dissolve.
  2. Apply the oil on your skin with rotating movements. You don’t need to use a lot: one cake lasts for a long time.
  3. Let the oil absorb to the skin for a minute before getting dressed.

Which Body Oil Cake is better for me?

Delicious is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and good fatty acids, all important to your skin. Rich cacao butter nourishes the dry skin. Grape seed oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it's fast to absorb, and it soothes the skin. Jojoba wax protects the skin from external stress. Cranberry oil contains fatty acids that nurture your skin. Finnish barley starch gives the composition a velvety touch and leaves a matte finish on the skin. The cake’s natural minerals make your skin radiate.

Celebrate contains sea-buckthorn oil, which repairs damaged skin, and its Vitamin A reinvigorates your skin and helps it to recover from external stress. Authentic essential oils create a delicious, mystic scent pyramid. Peppermint essential oil and aloe vera calm and cool your skin after sunbathing. The mica in our Celebrate sparkle cakes is synthetic, as natural mica mining has too many ethical issues. The mica we’ve chosen is plastic- and nanoparticle-free.

Powder Deos

Fruitful prevents body odour. Balances the underarm skin. For normal skin. Contains no sodium carbonate. Contains no aluminium. Forest extract.

Why are natural powder deodorants multi-purposed and how do you use them as talc?

Natural powder deodorants are vegan, contain no water, preservatives, palm oil, or microplastic and can in fact be used for multi-purpose. Luonkos powder deodorants, in addition to the underarm area, you can use it in between and under your breasts, on your crotch, your thighs, and between your toes. Wherever you might feel the need to use it.

It’s easy to use - just sprinkle the powder on your body or mix it with a few drops of water!

Truly natural freshness with no aluminium or sodium 

Fruitful powder deodorant helps you stay fresh without irritating your skin - and without aluminium and sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is a miracle ingredient often used in natural cosmetics. However, for some it can irritate the skin. The same goes for the somewhat discussed aluminium. 

Why you should choose Luonkos powder deo?

Fruitful helps you stay fresh without irritating your skin - and without aluminium and sodium. The powder deodorant is suitable for normal skin and for children. It prevents body odour and balances the bacteria in the underarm area. The multi-purpose powder deodorant can be used like baby powder and applied to feet and the area between breasts so goodbye boob sweat!

The innovative deodorant contains Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbe extract, developed in Finland, that’s proven to strengthen both the skin's own microbiota and your connection to nature - like taking a stroll in the forest indoors!

Fruitful is 100 % natural and contains oat, kaolin clay, barley starch, zinc lactate, and magnesium. Oat’s amino acids soothe the skin. Clay absorbs moisture. Barley starch makes the product easy to apply. Zinc lactate and magnesium prevent the smelly bacteria from forming. Deodorant contains no oil, meaning no oil stains on your clothes.

Glowing in summer is not just a “want” but a natural expression of healthy, well-cared-for skin. With the right natural cosmetics from Luonkos, you can achieve and maintain that radiant summer glow effortlessly. Embrace the beauty of nature and let your skin shine with our carefully crafted products.