Spring Box by Luonkos
Spring Box by Luonkos

Spring Box by Luonkos

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Affordable and comprehensive selection of all natural products for facial cleansing and body care. Extra push for healthy skin to thrive!


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Spring is here. The time where nature resurges, and we tag along by bringing you the best benefits from nature. Our products are packed with ingredients that provide an extra push for healthy skin to thrive! 
Enhance natural beauty and promote healthy, glowing skin.

Value You will get for Skincare and Bodycare:
  • Cleanse and balance with amazing Radiant Oil Cleansing Cake
  • Deeply moisturize for softer skin with Vilja Facial Serum, Mielitty refreshing Body Oil, Heavenly scented Delicious Body Oil and Loved chacolate lip balms
  • 4 full-size Luonkos products + one travel-size product
  • Products suitable for normal and dry skin
Best for you, best for nature: 
  • Limited edition
  • No preservatives or harmful chemicals
  • Responsibly produced products

Products included: 

Radiant Oil Cleansing Cake 60ml: this 100 % natural, calming oil cleansing cake cleanses all make-up, both water-soluble and water-proof, and sunscreen. Radiant leaves a nurturing oily surface on your skin meaning it moisturizes, brightens, and balances the skin.

Ecological & soft facial Sponge: ecological and durable facial cleansing sponge. Perfect match with Luonkos oil cleansing cakes. 

Miellitty Body Oil 150mlmoisturises, nurtures, and balances your skin, making it smooth and energized. The body oil is designed for normal, dry, and surface-dry skin, and it's also suitable for ageing skin. Pro tip! For the best results, use the body oil on towel-dry skin, allowing the oil to absorb moisture on the skin.

Vilja Oil Serum for Face 30ml: moisturises, balances, and soothes skin on your face. The fragrance-free Vilja treats sensitive, dry, surface-dry, atopic, and normal skin. The serum is for all ages, also for men and those sensitive to scents. Apply few drops after cleansing.

Loved White Chocolate Multipurpose Lip Balm: Moisturizes and treats lips, cuticles, scratches, and cracks. Suitable for all skin types.

Delicious Body Oil Cake 20ml travel size: moisturises and balances your body skin and its natural minerals make your skin radiate. Designed for aging and normal skin. Solid, long lasting moisturizing with heavenly scent!

Affordable and comprehensive way to explore Luonkos products in the best season to bloom!

Share the love for healthy skin. 

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