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Boob sweat? Relief to sweating from Powder Deodorants

Boob sweat? Relief to sweating from Powder Deodorants

Boob sweat? Relief to sweating powder deodorants

Luonkos’ new powder deodorants were launched a week before midsummer in 2021. It didn’t take long for the praising customer feedback to start flowing in: ”You’ve really hit the target with this product!” The Luonkos team was of course thrilled to be able to help even the busty women with their sweating. Finnish natural cosmetics proved to be an excellent solution for all kind of sweating issues.

Once the production started, our new powder deodorants, the zesty Fruitful and the gentle, fragrance-free Powerful, didn’t take long to disappear from our shelves. Our web store's stock of powder deodorants was almost down to zero. The Luonkos ladies were in hurry: the first small batch needed replenishment, and fast. We needed to start looking for helping hands. A star was born!

As the cold winter was turning into cold spring and our team was neck-deep in testing different powder deodorant candidates, nobody could even imagine the success that was around the corner. Our attitude was more like “okay”, “I think it’s working”, and “not for me”. How interesting to be wrong!

Powder deodorants really work 

It wasn’t until the summer heat hit and the sweat started flowing when we learned from our customers we had hit the jackpot. We had created a powder that prevents the nasty, sticky feeling and the stingy scents, simple and efficient. A powder you can use with a few drops of water, or on its own, like talc. A powder you can sprinkle on your body. In addition to underarm area, you can use it in between and under your breasts, on your crotch, your thighs, and between your toes. Where ever you might feel the need to use it.

The powder deodorants work, even without aluminium and sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is a miracle ingredient often used in natural cosmetics. However, for some it can irritate the skin. The same goes for the somewhat discussed aluminium. On the other hand, in the recent years the use of talc as a way to prevent sweating has been questioned, to say the least. There have been no follow-up studies on the use of purified talc, so there is no way of telling whether it's safe or not.

Luonkos powder deodorants use magnesium carbonate, zinc lactate, and caprylyl glyseryl ether to fight the smelly bacteria.

The powder mix also contains Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbe extract that strengthens the good microbiota on both the skin and the entire organism. We now know this turned out to be quite a dynamite of a combination! Now both the bold and the beautiful and the young and the restless can enjoy the sweet hot summer. Wishing a less sweaty future for each and everyone! 


Marjut Saarinen 

The author got fed up with modern journalism and its excessive tolerance to bad grammar, decided to find a new path for herself, and got a job baking skin cakes with Luonkos in Naantali. She still writes song lyrics on the side.