Luonkos was among the first companies to bring bar-shaped, plastic-free products to the Finnish market in 2018. Luonkos creates hope for the future and solutions to current problems. Our mission is to help people to use less skin-care products. Less is enough when you choose an effective, multi-use product. Luonkos inspires change.


Natural cosmetics means cosmetics with ingredients straight from nature. Ingredients are mainly collected from nature or organically farmed, and synthetic ingredients are mainly banned. The products come in recyclable packaging. 

Luonkos’ carbon footprint is minimal and compensated for, and the water footprint of both the production and the products is also very small. The products contain no water or preservatives. Absolutely no animal testing is used in the products’ ingredients or testing. 

Luonkos’ products are more than 95 % vegan. The beeswax in our balm products is locally produced and comes from European dark bees, an old landrace bee. By using the European dark bee’s wax you support the protection of the bee race. Some Luonkos products contain mica. The mica we use is synthetic, as mica mining has too many ethical issues.

We are a member of a Finnish natural cosmetics organization, Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry. The organization aims to help understand the concept of natural cosmetics, and to promote the use of eco-friendly and safe cosmetics. 

Most Luonkos products are FI-Natura certified. This certificate indicates a product is genuine Finnish natural cosmetics. It's an easy way to tell genuine Finnish products from greenwashed ones. When synthetic, unecological products are greenwashed, they are falsely marketed as natural products. All animal testing is absolutely banned.

Luonkos is a company founded and run by women. As a value-based company Luonkos is committed to making ethical and ecological choices and doing the right thing sustainability-wise. A consumer can enjoy our products knowing that, throughout the value chain, each and every choice related to the product’s ingredients, packaging, and production has been transparent and honest, and can withstand a critical scrutiny.