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Luonkos is The Nature-Based Enterprise of Year 2023

Luonkos is The Nature-Based Enterprise of Year 2023

The recognition of Nature Business of the Year was awarded to Luonkos in Naantali as a tribute to their evolving entrepreneurship that highlights the potential of natural products.

nature based enterprise of the year luonkos

Luonkos is an innovative natural cosmetics company that seamlessly combines traditional plant use with new research findings. In its operations, the company considers all dimensions of sustainability and responsibility. Luonkos actively communicates through various channels, positively showcasing the many possibilities of our nature. As a pioneer in the industry, the company aims for strong growth.

"Our goal from the beginning has been to develop the cosmetics of the future and create better products for both the skin and nature. In all our activities, we strive to represent leadership in responsibility. Through our choices, we can contribute to a better future. Responsible and ecological products also have immense opportunities in international markets," says Piritta Fors, CEO and founder of Luonkos.

"The nature and plant knowledge of Finland have provided a lot of inspiration for our product development. We use a variety of domestic plants and their extracts in our products. We are also pioneers in the development of cosmetics containing forest microorganisms. The recognition we have received brings us great joy and honor. We have worked tirelessly towards the development of products and the brand, and we are grateful that our work is being recognized and respected in this way. Sincerely, we want to create a better future and be an inspiration to consumers, raw material producers, and other innovators and entrepreneurs," encourages Piritta Fors.

Luonkos offers a wide range of waterless and preservative-free innovative skincare products. Their extensive product line of forest microbiome extracts has won numerous international awards. Luonkos has a close collaboration with the Asthma, Skin, and Allergy Association in promoting natural health. Several products have certification from the association as well as the Fi-Natura certificate. Luonkos products are suitable for the whole family's skincare and can be used as corporate gifts, for example.

Recognitions honor the growth drivers and enablers of nature entrepreneurship.

The Nature Business of the Year award, established by the Finnish Nature Entrepreneurship Network (, annually honors a nature business that has operated commendably in the field or significantly raised awareness of nature entrepreneurship with its products or services. The Nature Product Operator of the Year recognition is awarded annually to an individual, company, or organization that has commendably contributed to the advancement of the natural product industry. The selections are made by a committee appointed by the board of the Finnish Nature Entrepreneurship Network, which includes a representative from the Arctic Aromas Association.