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Three Tips for Effective and Responsible Skincare in Winter

Three Tips for Effective and Responsible Skincare in Winter

Treating dry winter skin requires special care and moisturization, as cold air, temperature fluctuations, and low humidity can lead to skin dryness, irritation, and even cracking.

Especially during winter, we recommend non-aqueous balms and natural oil-based products for skincare. Water-based products can even freeze on the skin if they haven't had time to be absorbed, and they do not provide protection against temperature variations. Oil-based products help effectively retain moisture on the skin and maintain its natural protective lipid layer.

Here are three tips for effective care of dry winter skin

Nurturing and Gentle Cleansing

The cornerstone of skincare: choose a gentle facial cleanser that doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils. Avoid strong soaps and foaming cleansers. Try a new skincare routine with oil-based cleansing that cares for the skin while gently removing all impurities.

Recommendation: Radiant Oil Cleansing Cake: This 100 % natural oil cleansing cake cleanses impurities, both water-soluble and water-proof make-up, and sunscreen. Radiant leaves a nurturing oily surface on your skin meaning it moistures, brightens, and balances the skin. Gentle and fragrance-free Radiant is suitable for sensitive, atopic, dry, surface-dry, ageing, and normal skin. It also helps with rosacea, POD, and couperosa. The product is suitable for younger members of the family and men.

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Effective Moisturization for Face and Body

Forget about flaky legs! Choose a rich and moisturizing product for the skin during the winter season. Apply it especially after a shower to towel-dried skin, allowing it to lock in moisture. After facial oil cleansing, we recommend adding a few drops of high-quality oil serum. Oil serums absorb well, can be used morning and night on their own, or mixed with your favorite moisturizer; they also work well under makeup.

Recommendation: Innocent Body Oil Cake: nurtures and nourishes your skin, making it wonderfully soft and elastic. Body oil cake is like a solid bar of body lotion. It nourishes your skin and helps it to absorb moisture. Scent-free Innocent is suitable for surface-dry, sensitive, and atopic skin. It's a safe choice for babies and children, and it’s also suitable for men. 

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Lip Balm

Lips can easily dry, crack, and become chapped during winter. Use a moisturizing lip balm regularly to prevent lip dryness. Try Loved Lip Balm or Primal Multi-Balm. Primal, containing forest microbiome extract, has been proven to expedite skin healing and soothe irritated skin. TIP! It works exceptionally well to protect against frostbite before and after outdoor activities! Primal carries the Allergy, Skin, and Asthma Federation symbol, making it suitable even for sensitive skin.

Recommendation: Primal Multifunctional Forest Balm: for the entire family. Use it for chapped lips, cheeks, crackling cuticles, and for dry hands and feet. The balm’s silky soft composition is especially well suited for dry, sensitive, atopic, and irritated skin, but you can also use it for normal skin. The forest balm contains no fragrances, making it a safe choice for children, men, and those sensitive to scents.

Regular and personalized skincare for your skin type helps maintain the integrity of the skin's own lipid layer, allowing the skin to function much better. A strong and intact skin barrier is more resistant to external stressors and is less prone to drying.