Responsible packaging for innovative products

Luonkos is a natural cosmetics company from Naantali, whose founders were frustrated with the industrial cosmetic products, plastic waste, and the confusing ingredient lists of various cosmetic products. The desire to create better, more caring products that respect the circular economy drove the women to look for an alternative solution for products and packaging.

"Our idea is to develop ethically and ecologically sustainable, high-quality, and reliable products in such a way that the consumer can trust us and our processes. We wanted to create chunk-like, waterless, and preservative-free products so that they don't have to be packed in plastic jars. Ecological, functional, and beautiful packaging gives the product its last, finished, and positive touch."

Piritta Fors, founder and CEO of Luonkos


Typically, cosmetic products are packed in plastic packaging and it is difficult or impossible to recycle them. Since responsibility, quality and ecology were already an essential part of Luonkos' values ​​from the beginning, we wanted to bring the same ideology to the packaging as well.

"It was essential for us from the beginning that the packaging is responsibly produced, plastic-free and environmentally friendly," says Piritta Fors " Responsibility can be seen in everything; the products' raw materials, production, packaging and even packaging labels. Consumers can trust that by choosing a Luonkos product, they are making an ecologically and ethically good choice. Compromises are not part of Luonkos' values, we wanted to create holistically the right solutions."


Luonkos' desire was to create chunk and powdered products in order to produce packaging without plastics. We did not want to use water or preservatives in the products. Luonkos's skin cleansing and -moisturizing products are oil-based, which set its own challenges for recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

“We wanted to find a solution for packaging that is foldable, adhesive-free, plastic-free and easily recyclable. We are a value-based company and we want that to be reflected in every choice we make," says Fors.

The idea of ​​innovative, hexagonal packaging was born. The desire was also to serve the user experience, how the chunk products and packaging would work in everyday use. We wanted the product's packaging to also be suitable for storing the product - this is how a completely new kind of "elevator technology" developed. The chunk product can be lifted out of its packaging with the help of a flap, the technique is a practical detail.

We also wanted to take in consider the carbon footprint of the packaging. A suitable material and producer was in search for a long time. The criteria for the packaging material were leakproofness of the packaging; oil-based products and powder products require their own kind of durable and functional packaging. At the same time, MM Kotkamills launched new, easily recyclable, oil-resistant cartons. Cooperation and functional, beautiful packaging were born.

In 2019 the first innovative biodegradable, zero waste packaging were manufactured. The design of the packaging, the colorful tones and the materials used are unusual among cosmetic packaging. They stand out on the store shelf and users have given a lot of positive feedback. Cardboard packages are usually square or round. The hexagon looks good on the shelf, it is stackable and easy to place.

"We are very satisfied with the attention-grabbing shape of the packaging; the hexagon is a natural shape that appears in many things, such as the well-known bee cells and also in human DNA. Foldability was also a big factor, which we are proud of; the packaging does not need glue."


MM Kotkamills is a domestic, innovative company that met Luonkos' exact criteria regarding the ecology and usability of the packaging.

The material for the lid of the packaging, ALASKA® BARRIER fiber, is obtained from certified and sustainably managed northern forests. The material is wear-resistant and the imprint looks particularly good on it. The deliciously colored packages are printed with food dyes.

The ISLA® Duo material on the bottom of the packages guarantees the package's resistance to grease and moisture, the packaged product is oil-based. Luonkosi's oil cleansing cakes are the world's first cosmetic products that are packaged in this amazingly innovative material.

The packages are entirely non-adhesive and completely recyclable. The stickers used in the packages are pine oil-based and 100% biodegradable.


Luonkos' hexagonal packaging was awarded third place in the international 2020 FSEA Gold Leaf competition in the USA for the packaging's unique folding effect. The evaluation criteria for the competition were the product's design, implementation and its level of difficulty.

In 2022 Luonkos was a finalist in the Finland's most responsible product competitionwith Refresh dry shampoo -product. This dry shampoo made with circular economy principles is a domestic, powdery product that refreshes hair without water and chemicals. The product is packed in Luonkosi's recyclable cardboard box, without plastics.


Luonkos manufactures innovative and inventive skin care products. Products made from natural ingredients treat your skin while respecting nature.

All Luonkos products are made in Finland without water, preservatives, plastics or animal testing.

Goodbye ​​plastic packaging and complicated skin care routines!

By choosing Luonkos, you make a good choice ecologically and responsibly - you save your skin, nature and money.

MM Kotkamills

The Finnish forest industry company MM Kotkamills is an experienced, responsible, globally operating partner that manufactures innovative products developed from the renewable natural resource, wood. Responsibly manufactured products include e.g. consumer packaging cartons suitable for grocery use. Fully recyclable ALASKA® and ISLA® cardboard products have been manufactured since 2016, and in 2018, the production of cardboard types that use water-based dispersion and replace plastic as a material for food and other packaging and serving containers began. All products are environmentally friendly, recyclable and safe to use.