Primal Multifunctional Forest Balm - Forest Microbes
Primal Multifunctional Forest Balm - Forest Microbes
Primal Multifunctional Forest Balm - Forest Microbes

Primal Multifunctional Forest Balm - Forest Microbes

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Moisturizes, protects and nurtures skin. For dry, sensitive, eczema and normal skin. Also Children and men. No added fragrances. Includes forest extract.


DELIVERY 2-5 days to Nordic countries, 3-5 days to Central Europe

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Primal is a multi-purpose forest balm for the entire family. Use it for chapped lips, cheeks, crackling cuticles, and for dry hands and feet. The balm’s silky soft composition is especially well suited for dry, sensitive, eczema, and irritated skin, but you can also use it for normal skin. The forest balm contains no fragrances, making it a safe choice for children, men, and those sensitive to scents. The cream contains Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbe extract, developed in Finland, proven to strengthen both your skin's own microbiota and your connection to nature - like a lovely stroll in the forest indoors!

Primal balm, made from completely natural ingredients, contains nurturing beeswax from European dark bee. By using the wax we do our part to support the European dark bee, a native bee that has become quite rare. Beeswax creates a thin, natural film on your skin, protects it from external stress, and reduces the amount of skin’s unnecessary moisture evaporation. Sun flower and almond oils moisture and nurture the skin, making it soft and healthy. Cacao butter is rich in antioxidants and a nature's own super moisturiser. Benzoin resin oil helps small cuts and chapped lips to recover faster.

The long-lasting balm comes in a small box that’s easy to carry!

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  • 100% natural
  • unscented
  • plastic free
  • preservative free
  • forest microbe extract

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Manuela Schueler

I'm super happy with all the products I've ordered. Happy to have a bit of Finland in Germany.

Tuula Leinonen

I ordered a 2-grade forest microbial cream for an experiment. I have massaged it in a very small amount in the morning to my heels in the spooky condition. Within a few days, the heels have been significantly smooth.

Miina Piippo
Brilliant product

This made me calm the child's evil atopic dermatitis and even really fast - no longer nail my skin in the evenings!

Maija Siukkola

Really enough and soothes the use of irritable and dry skin for a week.

Carita Hirvonen

A nice versatile and sufficient product. I also like much about containing forest microbes :)