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Innovative Finnish skin care routine by Luonkos

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Intimate areas deserve help!

Moisturizing treatment oil designed for dry and irritated mucous membranes protects the mucous membranes. Made from 100% natural raw materials, Hyvälempi prevents dryness. The product is especially suitable for preventing and treating mucous membrane dryness caused by menopause, and for pregnant women to prevent tears. Hyvälempi contains antioxidant-rich red clover and sesame oil, which is high in vitamin A, supporting skin well-being and helping the skin to regenerate.

Save money on skin care with Oil Cleansing Cakes; 4-in-1

Let your skin feel better - with less than ten euros per month. One oil cleansing cake replaces facial cleansing product, make-up removal product, skin toner and even moisturizing cream. 



Prevent signs of ageing and bring the glow back on your face! Glow & Shine product line will brighten the skin and reduce the signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Normal and aging skin.

Treasures from the Finnish forests to your every-day life


Luonkos was the pioneer, first to bring the forest microbe extract into cosmetics in 2020. Forest product line supports the microbiome by reducing inflammations, redness and irritations. Forest microbes support collagen production. Bring balance to your skin!

Selected ingredients for sensitive skin


Nourishing and rich oils to your skin. Hydrate & Protect product line takes care of dry and sensitive skin. Take care of skin moisture balance with ease.

Deep cleansing effects


Bring the balance to skin by removing impurities and controlling inflammations. Harmony product line controls the oiliness and balances mixed skin. Ingredients also reduce the visible enlarged pores. For oily and mixed skin.

I cannot believe how the oil cleansing cake Infinity has improved my sensitive skin with impurities, in just weeks

Maria, 8/2023


Discover the Magic of Primal Multifunctional Forest Balm

Discover the Magic of Primal Multifunctional Forest Balm

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Luonkos is The Nature-Based Enterprise of Year 2023

Luonkos is The Nature-Based Enterprise of Year 2023

Luonkos is an innovative natural cosmetics company that seamlessly combines traditional plant use with new research findings. In its operations, the company considers all dimensions of sustainabili...
Three Tips for Effective and Responsible Skincare in Winter
Oil Cleansing

Three Tips for Effective and Responsible Skincare in Winter

Three Tips for Effective Winter Skincare for Dry Skin: Gentle Cleansing, Effective Moisturization for Face and Body, and Lip Balms. With Luonkos Protect and Care Skincare Products.