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Luonkos Cakes are oil-based. Use without water!

  1. Rub the cake between dry hands until the oil starts to melt. 
  2. Apply the oil to your dry face using circular motions until all makeup and impurities are dissolved.
  3. Wipe your skin clean with a damp sponge.

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Powder deodorant helps to stay fresh without irritating the skin - without aluminum and soda. It curbs the smell of sweat and balances the bacterial balance of the armpit. Like talc, the multi-purpose powder deodorant can also be applied to the legs or between the breasts, so goodbye to tit sweat!

Note. Luonkos deodorants do not block skin pores like antiperspirants. Powder deodorants suppress the generation of smelly bacteria, bind moisture and maintain the feeling of freshness, naturally!

You can use the powder dry like talcum powder. Apply directly to the skin or dispense by hand.

If you want to make a paste from the product:
1. Sprinkle about half a teaspoon of powder on the palm of your hand and sprinkle a few drops of water on top.
2. Mix the mixture with your finger until smooth.
3. Apply deodorant to the armpits.

You can limit the search results according to your skin type, so you can find the right product for you.

Furthermore, we have four collections, each tailored to meet a specific skin concern. Explore the collections to find your perfect match!

Store the cakes at room temperature, below 25°C, in a dry place. This formula is like chocolate, meaning it melts easily, so remember to protect it from sun and sauna. Store it in its own case, on a tray or in a jar with a lid.

Forest Microbes

Re-Connecting Nature® is a Finnish patented innovation that brings exposure to nature into consumer products. The product contains a diverse bacterial community similar to that found in Finnish nature - in a safe form. The product contains more than 600 species of bacteria.

We want to make the busy everyday life easier for everyone. With the product, it's easy to add nature exposure to those days when we otherwise don't have time to enjoy the wonderful Finnish nature. The necessary exposure to nature can be obtained by using your product it when it suits you best.

In addition to beneficial exposure to nature, our products also treat the skin in many different ways, including:

• helps restore the skin's natural microbiome balance 

• strengthens the skin's protective layer

• supports the diversity of the skin's natural microbiome

• supports the function of the skin's protective layer by reducing the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines that have been linked to disorders of the skin's protective layer in several studies

• helps maintain the normal function of the skin's protective layer and collagen formation in aging skin and stressful life situations

• speeds up skin renewal and repair

• relieves skin redness and irritation

Inactivation means that the product's bacteria have been killed using high pressure and high temperature. So there are no live bacteria in the product, but the bacteria are still in a recognizable form for our body, so that the functionality of the product can be verified.

The scientific phenomena behind the product idea, such as the hygiene hypothesis and the biodiversity hypothesis, have been studied in several universities around the world for decades. The idea of ​​the effect of exposure to nature on our well-being has been studied from several perspectives by different researchers.

Our product contains similar species as in natural environments, which creates exposure to nature through this diversity. The beneficial changes brought about by exposure to nature have been studied in cell models and clinical trials on humans in several studies conducted by universities. Uute Scientific Oy has studied the function of Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract also as part of cosmetic products and observed several favorable changes in the skin structure in the cream application test and favorable change in the markers of the defense system with artificial skin model.

There are many receptors of the defense system on the surface of the skin, which recognize parts of microbes and their metabolic products. When the product is used on the skin, these receptors recognize the microbial particles that cause exposure to nature and transfer the information coming to the surface of the skin to our body's defense system. This is how our defense system learns through exposure to nature and gets training.

A person is an ecosystem of different organisms, i.e. a holobiont. It contains a person's own cells, as well as bacteria and other microbes that naturally live in the tissues and on their surface, which form a communal entity - this entity also includes skin microbes.

Microbes form a multispecies community (i.e. microbiome) on the surface of the skin, which is an important part of the functionality of the skin and its overall structure. In healthy skin, this community is in balance, but in some skin disorders, such as atopic dermatitis, this community may be disturbed.

The purpose of nature exposure is mainly to introduce microbes living in nature to the skin so that they can be identified. The main purpose of exposure to nature is not to radically change the skin's own microbiome.

The purpose of cosmetics is not to cure diseases, and neither cosmetics nor the ingredients used in them can be medicines. However, Re-Connecting Nature® extract has many cosmetic effects, such as strengthening the skin's protective layer (see question marked with *).

Uute Scientific Oy studies the uses of Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract in several different industries.

According to the legislation, cosmetic products are not intended to cure or treat diseases.

The clearest difference between probiotics and Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract is the species and number of bacteria found in the product. Although probiotics contain numerically large amounts of bacterial cells, in general we are only talking about individual species grown in the laboratory.

Natural exposure requires hundreds of different bacterial species found in the natural environment, some of which cannot be grown in laboratory conditions. Re-Connecting Nature® contains an average of 600 different species extracted from natural materials, offering a versatile exposure to nature's biodiversity.

>The product containing Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract should not be used on broken skin or wounds. The suitability of the product should always be tested on a small area the first time you use it, for example the elbow bend.

If a person knows that they are allergic or sensitive to things commonly found in the natural environment, such as pollen, natural resin or certain environmental microbes, we recommend testing the suitability of the product in a small area first.

The usage recommendation of our microbial extract for children is from the age limit of 2 months and up. This is related to the ongoing PREVALL study The study is led by an allergist and has also been evaluated by the ethics committee. A child's defense system is still undeveloped at birth and can therefore be more susceptible to various exposures. That is why it is good that the child first settles at home.

Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract contains up to 10 billion bacterial particles per gram and more than 600 bacterial species found in Finnish nature.

Re-Connecting Nature® is 100% natural and vegan. The product is made by combining, according to the exact recipe, e.g. various vegetable composts. With the help of these ingredients, the product has the same diverse bacterial community as in natural environments - without destroying valuable forest nature.

The product is manufactured in Lohja, Finland from Finnish raw materials. We operate completely in accordance with strict ethical principles and do not conduct animal experiments with substances intended for cosmetic products.