Rebirth Facial Oil Cleansing Cake
Rebirth Facial Oil Cleansing Cake
Rebirth Facial Oil Cleansing Cake
Rebirth Facial Oil Cleansing Cake
Rebirth Facial Oil Cleansing Cake

Rebirth Facial Oil Cleansing Cake

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Brightening: For normal to ageless skin. Cleanses all make-up and Improves moisture balance. Charming, chocolatey scent.


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Beauty Shortlist Awards Editor's Choice
Natural Beauty Awards Winner
FI Natura - Certified Natural Cosmetics

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 winner for Best Innovation!

This 100 % natural oil cleansing cake cleanses impurities, both water-soluble and water-proof make-up, and sunscreen. Rebirth leaves a nurturing oily surface on your skin. It moistures, brightens, and balances the skin. The cake is suitable for dry, surface-dry, and normal skin. You can also use it to treat rosacea, POD, couperosa, and aging skin.

Oil cleansing cake is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and good fatty acids, all important to your skin. Raw cocoa has plenty of antioxidants, it removes impurities and brightens and revitalises a tired skin. Almond oil softens and nurtures your skin, making it elastic. Coconut oil and cacao butter help to remove any make-up and impurities from the skin. Rebirth’s scent comes from natural essential oils, and it has a mesmerizing sweet fullness and the nuances of a chocolate dessert.

Unlike some other facial cleansing products, oil cleansing cakes do not dry your skin. Daily use of the product balances the skin and improves the skin’s moisture balance. At first the impurities leaving your skin might have a more active presence, but your skin will calm down when it gains back its natural balance.

All Luonkos’ hand-made oil cleansing cakes are vegan and have a neutral PH. The cakes contain no water, preservatives, or micro-plastic. Absolutely no animal testing is our firm principle.

Now you get a durable and ecological cleansing sponge with your purchase for free! Use the cleansing sponge with oil cleansing to remove dirt and makeup from your face.

 The facial cake lasts for about 3 months/ 60 ml.

How to use: see video here

Customer Reviews

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Anneli Njie
Five stars!

After only been using this cleanser 3 times, I'm hooked! It leaving my face with a smooth and hydrated feeling. And I need less moisturizing cream after cleaning with Rebirth. The smell is there, but is not overwhelming. Thanks for that! And this cake is easier to take with you, than cleanser in a bottle, If you travel. I can really recommend this oil cleansing cake. And as I wrote I'm really hooked, from only a few times of use.


I like especcially because Ican uase forcleansing eyes and face softly.

Jasmin Tapala
No fat for the night

Also washes to wash the waterproof mascara. Leaves a suitably moisturized surface on the skin so you no longer need night fat after evening wash. My favorite product!

Hannele Maatsalo
Perfect for me.

Due to surface dry skin, I suffer from thyroid failure. Now we found a face cleanser that leaves a wonderful feeling on the face. As a bonus, a stunning scent!

Merja Lehikoinen
Oil purification cake

Great product, will be in the future.