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Fruitful Puder-Deodorant - Fruchtiger Duft, Waldmikroben
Fruitful Puder-Deodorant - Fruchtiger Duft, Waldmikroben
Fruitful Puder-Deodorant - Fruchtiger Duft, Waldmikroben
Fruitful Puder-Deodorant - Fruchtiger Duft, Waldmikroben
Fruitful Puder-Deodorant - Fruchtiger Duft, Waldmikroben
Fruitful Puder-Deodorant - Fruchtiger Duft, Waldmikroben

Fruitful Puder-Deodorant - Fruchtiger Duft, Waldmikroben

CHF 29.00
CHF 36.00
Inklusive Steuern.
Prevents sweat odor in the armpits, legs, and body. Contains forest microbes! No aluminum or baking soda. Citrus scent.
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Fruitful helps you stay fresh without irritating your skin - and without aluminium and sodium. The powder deodorant is suitable for normal skin and for children. It prevents body odour and balances the bacteria in the under arm area. The multi-purpose powder deodorant can be used like baby powder and applied to feet and the area between breasts so goodbye boob sweat! Rest assured, all of our skincare products are designed for both men and women!

The innovative deodorant contains Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbe extract, developed in Finland, that’s proven to strengthen both the skin's own microbiota and your connection to nature - like taking a stroll in the forest indoors!

Fruitful is 100 % natural and contains also oat, kaolin clay, barley starch, zinc lactate, and magnesium. Oat’s amino acids soothe the skin. Clay absorbs moisture. Barley starch makes the product easy to apply. Zinc lactate and magnesium prevent the smelly bacteria from forming. Deodorant contains no oil, meaning no oil stains on your clothes!

The deodorant’s fresh and fruity scent pyramid comes from natural lychee, palmarosa, and peppermint essential oils.

How to use: Use the powder like baby powder and sprinkle directly on to your skin. Contains Finnish Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbial extract that increases the diversity of your skin microbiome in a good way.

100% natural
Forest microbe extract

The deodorant lasts for up to 3-5 months / 50 g. 

Verwenden Sie das Puder wie Babypuder und streuen Sie es direkt auf Ihre Haut.

Hordeum vulgare Stärke*, Magnesiumhydroxid, Magnesiumcarbonathydroxid, Kaolin, Meersalz, Avena Sativa Kernmehl*, Zinklactat, Xanthangummi, Humusextrakt*, Hydratisierte Kieselsäure, Caprylylglycerylether, Mentha Piperita Öl, Litsea Cubeba Öl, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Öl, Geraniol**, Citral, Farnesol, Linalool**, Limonen**. *)Finnischer Ursprung **)Allergene in natürlichen ätherischen Ölen

Die Verpackung besteht aus Pappe und die biobasierten Etiketten aus Kiefernöl. Vielen Dank, dass Sie es mit dem Papierabfall recyceln!

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Heli-Liliah Lindholm

Wonderful idea and fresh scent of powder in deodorant. The product works well. Still, I try to learn how to get it in the armpit in the morning rush quickly and effectively. Sometimes between the toes, but the powder is suddenly on the floor. This would give some Jipo! 😃

Yes, the sponge can be washed by hand or in a washing machine:

Hand wash: It is advisable to wash the sponge with soap with warm water between the use and leave it to dry air.
Machine washing: If necessary, the sponge can also be washed in the washing machine 95 ° C.

Pia Kankare
Does not block the smell of sweat

Lovely scent, easy to use. Unfortunately, I feel the smell of sweat already in the afternoon, even though I don't particularly feel sweat. I've done a day's sitting and then went with the dog for a quiet walk, and I feel embarrassed to get the armpits from the armpits. I have previously used the other natural cosmetics brand Roll'on deodorant and have never noticed a sweaty smell in the armpits. I save the rest of the product for the summer and try to use instead of talc, for example, between the thighs. I bought the product as a second quality, maybe it had a problem with the composition. However, after this experience, I am not ready to try the full -price product.

Kirsi Väisänen

A good aluminum -free deodorant that keeps sweat odor well 👍

Leena-Maija Rautalin-Virtanen
Help for an allergic

I have used a variety of doules, but most of the time they haven't suited me. There has been a rash, itching, obstruction, etc. Now it seems that this deodorant fits me. I'm also sensitive to scent, but this scent is so mild that it doesn't hurt.

Seija von Bruun-Riegels
Responded to expectations

Pleasant feel and scent. I use dry on the armpits and under my breasts. To order again.