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Innovative Finnish skin care ritual - best for your skin, best for your nature


From your cheeks, boobs, and hair to the tips of your toes. From the time you first look in the mirror, throughout the day, to when your head hits the pillow, you deserve to feel loved and happy. You are unique and so is Luonkos. Together, we are driving a movement powered by positive impact. We are discovering new ways to help women shed the anxiety fed by the pressure to waste time and money on an endless stream of bottles and jars in our bathrooms. We won’t be pushed into complicated, unnatural, and addictive fads that don’t work, and pollute the planet that we will pass down to our children.

Luonkos is a nature-based, people-first skincare company founded in Finland by a group of bold, innovative women who wanted to inspire a better future. From our beginnings in 2018, we felt that there is a better way of being, living, and loving ourselves and the planet. Combining our ideas and experiences from both inside and outside the wellness and cosmetics industries, we built a company with the mission of helping women break free from the unnecessary pressures that keep them from seeing the positive change they can make and how beautiful they really are.

Today, Luonkos provides the world with an easier way to love your skin – the Finnish way. Using innovative, natural raw materials derived from Finnish nature, we offer a whole new skincare ritual that gives a better, more natural routine with fewer steps and less products. Our bold vision continues to help women find the hope, joy, confidence, and peace of mind that is the source of strength behind the creation of a better future. Inspired by our own trials, successes, and families, we are working to create pportunities for women to take the well-deserved moments to pamper every inch of their bodies in the most effective ways that are also the kindest to our planet

This is how Luonkos was born


Luonkos was born out of desire to create better products for both skin and nature. The excessive use of chemicals and increasing environmental consiousness drove two innovative women to develop sustainable and ecological new skin care products. Luonkos was founded and is led by exceptional women, with warm hearts. Luonkos is providing jobs in Finland.

Luonkos name comes from words luonnonkosmetiikka (natural cosmetics) and local expression luonkos jotain ihanaa (creating something wonderful).


All Luonkos products are hand made in Naantali Finland. We use green energy and minimize our carbon footprint in all possible ways. We use minimal amount of water in our production, we do not produce any harmful waste.

We use only natural and carefully selected ingredients in our products. Luonkos products do not include preservatives, palm oils, micro plastics or water. We use no animal testing.

All packaging are recyclable and without any plastic.


  • Healthier, happier skin
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Sustainable products and production
  • Hand made in Finland
  • Ecological packagings
  • Saving money and nature