The Allergy Label means that the product meets the allergy criteria. Products with the Allergy label do not contain perfumes or generally sensitizing or irritating substances or materials.

Luonkos products are the largest product family containing forest microbes that have been granted an allergy label.

"Urbanized lifestyle, environment and the resulting
lack of contact with nature reduces the versatility of the human microbiome and affects the immune regulation and our general mood. Health can be promoted by strengthening people's connection with diverse nature."

"Microbes in nature improve resistance and immune system
function and prevent symptoms and diseases caused by disorders of the immune system. Human is not so much an "individual" as a complex ecosystem with at least as many microbes as its own cells. According to the WHO, this may be the
most crucial advances in understanding health in recent years."

The Allergy Label is granted by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation on the basis of impartial testing.

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FI-Natura is a non-profit association founded in 2014, which certifies Finnish natural cosmetics. 

FI-Natura’s certification criteria:

  • The content of natural raw materials, or raw materials of natural origin, must be at least 95% of the product, and the rest a maximum of 5% of restricted, specified substances
  • Plant raw materials should favor wild or organically grown plants collected from a clean area
  • Local production of raw materials is recommended
  • Raw materials should be processed through the most gentle processes possible
  • FI-Natura allows the use of certain synthetic raw materials to a limited extent (max. 5%), when it is not ecologically viable or possible to isolate a raw material from a natural source. Permitted synthetic raw materials are e.g. benzoic acid and its salts, sorbic acid and its salts, and benzyl alcohol.
  • Prohibited raw materials include:
  • Products should use the most environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging and packaging materials possible. Prohibited packaging materials include e.g. PVC and polystyrene (PS).
  • Animal testing of products and raw materials is strictly prohibited.


International packaging competition Golden Leaf 2020

The Nordic Natural Beauty Award 2020. Gold prize in innovation, The most innovative skincare product(Facial oil cleansing cakes)

The Beauty Shortlist Awards, London, 2022

  • BEST NO-PLASTIC BEAUTY PRODUCT. Luonkos Celebrate Sparkling Body Cake
  • BEST MULTIPURPOSE ECO BEAUTY PRODUCT. Luonkos Infinity Facial Oil Cleansing Cake
  • EDITOR’S CHOICE BEAUTY WINNERS. Luonkos Rebirth Facial Oil Cleansing Cake. Luonkos Vitality Balancing Body oil Cake.

The most sustainable product in Finland 2022, finalist.

The Nordic Natural Beauty Award 2022. The Best Dry Shampoo, gold medal. In addition finalist with Infinity oil cleansing cake and Vitality body oil cake.