Luonkos’ forest microbe products are developed based on strong science and persistent research. We want to bring nature’s health benefits to the city environment as well.


The Re-Connecting Nature™ extract, developed by Uute Scientific, can be used as a cosmetics ingredient, or mixed with textiles. The first consumer products containing the extract were launched to public in mid-October in 2020.

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Forest bath

Luonkos forest cakes are an excellent example of products containing added microbe extract that regulates your body’s defense mechanism and protects from immune-mediated diseases. The cakes are the first cosmetic products in the world to transport indoors the “forest baths”, as UUTE Scientific Oy aptly describes their Re-Connecting Nature™ microbe extract.


What is Re-Connecting Nature®?

Re-Connecting Nature® is a Finnish patented innovation that makes nature exposure part of the consumer products. The product has a similar diverse bacterial base with Finnish nature – in a secure format, and contains over 600 species of bacteria.

Why is it added to different products, how do I benefit from it?

We want to make the busy everyday life easier for all humans and pets. With the product it’s easy to add the nature exposure part of the days in which we don’t have the time to enjoy the beautiful nature outside. You can get the nature exposure you need by using the product whenever it suits you the best.

In addition to the beneficial nature exposure our product treats the skin in many different ways, which are:

  • helps to recover the natural microbiome balance
  • strengthens the skin’s protective layer
  • supports the diversity of the skin’s natural microbiome
  • supports the function of the skin's protective layer by reducing the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which have been linked to disorders of the skin's protective layer in several studies
  • helps maintain the normal function of the skin's protective layer and the formation of collagen in aging skin and in stressful life situations
  • accelerates skin renewal and repair
  • relieves skin redness and irritation

How does the product work through the skin?

There are many receptors of the defense system on the surface of the skin, which recognize parts of microbes and their metabolic products. When the product is used on the skin, these receptors recognize the microbial particles that cause exposure to nature and transfer the information coming to the surface of the skin to our body's defense system. This is how our defense system learns through exposure to nature and receives training.

What should I understand about the skin microbiome and nature exposure?

Human is an ecosystem of different organisms, i.e. a holobiont. It contains a person's own cells, as well as bacteria and other microbes that naturally live in the tissues and on their surface, which form a communal entity - this entity also includes skin microbes.

Microbes form a multispecies community (or microbiome) on the surface of the skin, which is an important part of the functionality of the skin and its overall structure. In healthy skin, this community is in balance, but in some skin disorders, such as atopic dermatitis, this community may be disturbed.

The purpose of nature exposure is mainly to introduce microbes living in nature to the skin so that they can be identified. The main purpose of exposure to nature is not to radically change the skin's own microbiome.

Probiotics are also bacteria, how does Re-Connecting Nature® differ from them?

The main difference between probiotics and Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract is the species and number of bacteria found in the product. Although probiotics contain numerically large amounts of bacterial cells, in general we are only talking about individual species grown in the laboratory.

Natural exposure requires hundreds of different bacterial species found in the natural environment, some of which cannot be grown under laboratory conditions. Re-Connecting Nature® contains an average of 600 different species extracted from natural materials, offering a versatile exposure to nature's biodiversity.

How many bacteria does 1 gram of product contain?

Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract contains up to 10 billion bacterial particles per gram and more than 600 bacterial species found in Finnish nature.

How is the product made?

Re-Connecting Nature® is 100% natural and vegan. The product is made by combining, according to the exact recipe, e.g. various plant composts. With the help of these ingredients, the product contains the same diverse bacterial community as in natural environments - without destroying valuable forest nature.

Where is the product manufactured and do you do animal testing?

Our products are made in Finland in Lohja and from Finnish raw materials. We operate completely in accordance with strict ethical principles and do not conduct animal experiments with substances intended for cosmetic products.